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Why Do You Wear Jewelry?

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1Why Do You Wear Jewelry? Empty Why Do You Wear Jewelry? Tue Dec 27, 2022 12:03 pm



<P><p><div><p>To accessorize! I know this is bad to say, but if I know I am going to fight someone or may get beat up, I wear big gem rings so that the punch will hurt more. Otherwise I just like the way some earrings bring attention to my face. I do not wear necklaces or bracelets too much though.</p></P><P><img src="" style="margin:10px auto"></P><P><p><b>1. Will anybody be interested in fashion <a href="">Jewelry</a>?</b></p><p>i did not get to read it all coz my computer crashed but are u selling imperfect jewlery ? coz all i saw was the pictures...</p><p><b>2. Question about women and <a href="">Jewelry</a>?</b></p><p>I can not think of any woman who would not appreciate a gesture like that. I am sure she did</p></P><P><img src="" style="margin:10px auto"></P><P><p><b>3. What is your favorite kind of <a href="">Jewelry</a>?</b></p><p>i love chandelier earrings:)</p><p><b>4. Silver or Gold <a href="">Jewelry</a> ?</b></p><p>Both... If I wear black, usually silver and if I wear brown usually gold!</p><p><b>5. Guide to <a href="">Jewelry</a> Insurance</b></p><p>But with life comes accidents. That's where we come in. At Jewelers Mutual Group, we understand the common misconceptions of insurance, and we strive to combat them by offering a truly remarkable experience to our customers. We've been insuring <a href="">Jewelry</a> and only <a href="">Jewelry</a> for over 100 years. We understand how important your <a href="">Jewelry</a> is to you. Read on to learn more about specialized <a href="">Jewelry</a> insurance through Jewelers Mutual and the benefits you can expect by putting your trust in us.</p><p><b>6. What kind of <a href="">Jewelry</a> do wear everyday?</b></p><p>I usually wear a necklace, either as a bracelet, a headband, or simply a necklace. LOL</p><p><b>7. Personalized <a href="">Jewelry</a>?</b></p><p>ok first what you need to do is get them a piece that is right for their age. if it were me i would get them all necklaces with their birthstone for pendants. that in itself makes it personal. go to Beards Fine Jewelers or a place well known. they will have loose stones for you to choose from and will make the pendant for you. on the necklace you could also slip a white gold ring and get the rings engraved with a message. they could have the same message or different one for each girl. if you have nicknames for them you could engrave their nicknames on it. the store will also be able to do the engraving. that way they will all get the same present without it being the "same" each necklace will be individual and original. and there is nothing that a girl loves more than to have something that no one else haves. its a girl thing trust me. also birthstones are better for their age. you do not want to give 10-12 year old diamonds. and i am guessing that the 10, and 10 are twins. so that is why i say go pick out the stones yourself. they can be same stone but look totally different. there is lots to choose from. also if you wanted to you could get their hands sized so if they wanted to wear the ring on their hands they could. although it would be less of a surprise if they knew about it. i hope this helps you out a lot..</p><p><b>8. Guide on choosing sizes of your <a href="">Jewelry</a></b></p><p>Guide on choosing sizes of your <a href="">Jewelry</a> Lets talk about sizing! Here I will tell you all lifehacks about choosing proper size of ring, necklace length ect. We will start with rings. I usually give two sizes in my listings, one acording to US and second inner diametr in milimetrs. So here is tab for undersanding what it means in other mesuring standarts. And very simple and I hope usefull method for measuring you finger or wrist if you have no idea what your size is in any measuring system. Remember that wide rind will more likely be comfortable to wear if you choose it just a tiny bit bigger than thin ring. For people with thick knuckles can be very hard to find a good fit ring. I would sugest two options. First - udjustable ring that has split band on the back side. Ring will have a little gap and because of it can fit your finger and skip over your knuckle Secong is a wrap ring. This design has a band that wraps your finger and also has a gap that will allow to push it over thicker knuckles. Also for bracelets there is a difference what length will be comfortable to wear depending on desing. Or if you prefer you bracelet not be tight on your wrist. Cuff braceletes can be good with more expanse Chain bracelet can be fastened more tight Necklaces Also I have a tab for you to choose necklace length. If some of my pendant that you like goes with chain or cord, but you want different length that is very easy to fix) Plus some necklaces goes with long cord that can be worn like double loop, if that is not in you style that can be changed too. Or add a long double-loop cord to any ither necklace that you like And for earrings If you in doubt I can make a pict on a person (not all listings has one) or you can use this pict to imagine how big or small it would look like)</p></div></p></P>

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