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Automation of stainless steel polishing industry

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<p>When polishing stainless steel, steel balls and fur fragments are loaded into the barrel. A dazzling appearance can be obtained by rotating continuously for several hours. The polishing of the precision wire ruler is carried out by immersing the processing surface in the polishing solution, and the polishing solution consists of a particle size of W5 ~ W0. 5 chromium oxide micropowder and emulsion are mixed. The polishing wheel is made of uniform and degreased wood or special fine felt, and its motion track is uniform and dense mesh, and the surface roughness after polishing is not more than Ra0. 01 microns, no external defects were observed under a microscope magnified 40 times.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>In addition, there are methods such as electrolytic polishing. Seeking development, in order to improve efficiency and make use of scientific and technological progress. Without engaging in crowd tactics, countless business opportunities have also been born here. Most of the mechanical equipment products such as <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">automatic polishing machines</a>, automatic wire drawing machines, automatic round tube polishing machines and automatic square tube polishing machines are more professional, more advanced things that reflect the progress of my industry, the product industry, closely combined with it, participate in at least follow closely, you can get rid of the quagmire of competition with quality and price, the abrasive belt with good polishing consistency replaces the abrasive belt with inconsistent sanding before and after.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>The wear-resistant problem is solved on the basis of sharpness. The polishing and grinding method with low noise of a local thousand impellers is replaced by the rare manual polishing before knocking. technology has gradually lagged behind, with the development of polishing industry from time to time. It is because of this that the birth of the automatic polishing machine has saved a lot of manpower and improved the work efficiency and quality. Stainless steel polishing, stainless steel polishing (The circumferential speed is above 20 m/s)When pressing the workpiece and polishing the stainless steel. The abrasive on the surface of the workpiece rolling and micro cutting, so as to obtain a bright processing surface, surface roughness is generally up to Ra0. 63 ~ 0. 01 microns; When non-greasy matte polishing agent is used, the bright surface can be matte to improve the appearance. Roller polishing is often used. During rough throwing, a large number of steel balls, lime and abrasive materials are placed in inclined tank-shaped rollers to mass produce bearing steel balls. When the drum rotates, the steel ball and abrasive, etc. are randomly rolled and collided in the drum to achieve the purpose of removing the external convex front and reducing the external roughness, which can remove 0. A margin of about 01mm.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

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