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Fuqian Eyewear Polarized sunglasses

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1Fuqian Eyewear Polarized sunglasses Empty Fuqian Eyewear Polarized sunglasses Mon Apr 26, 2021 6:33 am


<p>Summer is coming soon, many people choose to wear <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"><strong>Polarized Sunglasses</strong></a> when they go out to reduce the hurt of the eye. Today, sunglasses also have polarized and non-polarization, many people don't understand what the difference between the two.</p><p><br></p><p>Sunglasses, also known as a sunshade, making it a shade. People usually regulate the pupil size in the sun, when the intensity of light is exceeded, it will cause harm to the human eye. So in the outdoor activity, especially in the summer, it is necessary to use a sunshaust to block the sun to reduce the damage caused by the fatigue or glare stimuli caused by eye adjustment. Since the sun rays in the surface of the earth contain an ultraviolet rays, the human cornea and crystals are the most susceptible eye tissue that is ultraviolet damage, and "cataract" is closely related to eye diseases. At the same time, the environment is destroyed by the ozone layer, as well as the increase in summer outdoor activities, the damage of ultraviolet rays to the human eye is no longer ignored. Wearing sunglasses is a good way to protect eyeballs from ultraviolet injury, but pay special attention to sunglasses.</p><p><br></p><p>The <a href="" target="_blank">polarized sunglasses</a> and ordinary sunglasses are not different in the appearance. How should everyone judge that the sunglasses are polarized? 1. Align the two polarized lenses, if the op is real polarization, because the polarizer lens special design only allows the parallel light through the lens, so when the two lenses are vertically stacked, most of the light lines Will be blocked. When you purchase, as long as this is a simple operation, you can know if it is a polarizer. 2. Use the identification plate that distinguish the polarizer, the naked eye doesn't have a shark's image, but it can see the shark with a polarizer. In contrast, if it is not a polarizer, it will not see the shark. 3. Use the mobile phone to identify the true and false polarization, select a picture on the phone, turn the ordinary sunglasses before turning before the screen, not changed through the sunglasses; put the polarized sunglasses before rotating before the phone After the lens, I saw the mobile phone screen, and the light and shadow changes were obvious.</p>

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