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Nashville Air Conditioning Repair with Payment Plans?

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<p><div><p>3,000 simoleons for a busted central air unit? Wow. The new unit must be manufactured by Gucci or Prada.</p><img src="//" style="margin:10px auto"><p> Tell us what you are having done, if it's a pretty big system or they are changing out the air handler and A-frame along with the outdoor unit, it could get up there. I'm just curious what this 3,000 bucks is paying for. For work that major, get lots of bids and in the mean time go get a window unit for the bedroom you sleep in.</p><p>
Are you positive that the unit can't just be fixed?
Read the edit. Mismatched?</p><p> OK.all that really means is that either the air handler is pushing too much air for the A-frame and vaporization is taking place way too quickly or the air handler isn't moving enough air and the A-frame is getting liquid loaded. If it's the later situation, you could simply put on a TXV or EXV (you could even install a VFD on it that would be way less than 3 large).</p><p> Pray tell, is either unit properly sized for your given condition? Is either unit actually broken down? Which is bigger (capacity-wise), the air handler or the outdoor unit?</p><p></p><p>&acirc;€&cent; Suggested Reading</p><p>I am trying to determine what size <a href="">central air conditioner</a> I need for my home?</p><p>Go to and read:www.energystar.</p><p>gov/index.cfm
Get three estimates no more try a big private franchise look in the yellow pages, then try Sears and someone that has been in business for a long time especially the company that makes the unit. You,ll know the companies that have been around for decades.</p><p>
I don't want to guesstimate this as there are variables that i can't compute as I'm not there.
Each area may have a different major A/C central system maker available.
It's a good time for a new a/c Try &amp; do it while the Obama energy credit still exists with many stores sales on top of that from state to state you have to check.</p><p>
I know a easy way is to have a Company like Sears give you a site estimate they will usually give you three prices for a regular better and best grade unit.
Except for bells &amp; whistles "you should go by the efficiency rating the best Eff. for cost of operation.</p><p>
The best that you can afford even if you must pay some interest to buy the one that suites your cooling costs do it, I'm certain you can handle the decision buy the highest efficiency unit.</p><p>------</p><p>Need some advice on how to trouble shoot <a href="">central air conditioner</a>.</p><p>Your discription is a little vague but it sounds like it could be the transformer or one or both of the capacitors.</p><p>
If your Tstat signal isn't getting from there to the contactor on the condensing unit, it won't start and that could be a bad transformer. If the signal is getting thru to the condensing unit and the contactor is engaging without chattering, then there is a problem with the compressor, fan or capacitor(s).
Is there a hum when the unit is supposed to be running?</p><p>
Is it silent, with no noise at all?
The hum is a sign that the compressor isn't starting or the fan motor isn't starting.
If the fan motor won't go the compressor will build too much head pressure and shut itself down by blowing the breakers.</p><p>
This is very bad for the compressor.
If there is no noise at all from the unit, then the signal isn't getting thru form the Tstat or there's no power to the Tstat so someone needs to check the output at the transformer to see it you've got the 24v the circuit needs to operate.
This forumn isn't designed for back and forth questions so I hope you can figure it out from here.</p><p>
If not, don't take a chance on ruining your compressor. It's the heart of your A/C and it's expensive to replace but that isn't a very good idea, not as good as replacing the whole unit.
Good Luck
John</p><p>------</p><p>About how much to residential central AC units cost?</p><p></p><p>way too many variables. parent for a undemanding 3 ton a/c with a 80,000 gasoline furnace, you're able to get somebody to moonlight it for $3500.00, or for a genuine of the line device, with a pair of extras it ought to be $10,000.</p><p>00 you ought to have an theory of what you're finding to have accomplished, and how plenty greater you're keen to pay for bigger performance structures,then call for some estimates. bear in strategies, maximum companies will attempt to upsell. If it became me, i might stay with a undemanding device, humidifier is fantastic, stay away from digital air cleaners, and quite ask for the plenty low value, severe performance pleated, disposable filter out.</p><p> Too many bells and whistles can kill ya down the line on provider fees. are not getting too wrapped up in sort names, maximum grant impressive warranties presently, yet you ought to objective to get an excellent company or individual to do the paintings. i've got accomplished a sprint moonlighting in my day, and can bypass over and above to shelter a customer, yet countless moonlighters and companies choose to take the funds and run.</p><p> Ask around somewhat, perhaps inspect Angies record, or you additionally can choose to stroll into an area HVAC grant homestead and ask the folk on the counter who that they had advise. i've got been doing this particularly a mutually as, and that i've got seen countless hatchet jobs, and a few good ones, however the subject is that maximum clientele do no longer be conscious of the version between the two. i assume what it comes right down to is to ask around like I suggested, then attempt to get a sense for the folk estimating the pastime.</p><p> a salesperson will in many situations look educated and expert, yet they gained't be those doing the paintings. A moonlighter stands out as the guy unquestionably doing the pastime. in the event that they look below expert, it quite is and indicator of the form of pastime you will finally end up with.</p><p> in many situations the solid men are approved and insured. it quite is a sprint a crap shoot. The greater estimates the greater effective.</p><p> desire this helps</p><p>------</p><p>Central Air Units froze up?</p><p>This icing situation is led to by fairly some issues. One is as suggested earlier, destructive air flow around the evaporator.</p><p> The evaporator is the factor on suitable of your furnace you spot icing up. verify for a grimy clear out, unfastened belt ot different obstruction such because of the fact the coil itself being grimy. yet another reason is a "low load" situation.</p><p> that is led to whilst the return air is merely too chilly. Your evaporator runs approximately 40 tiers chillier than the air for the time of it to take in the warmth. If the return air is seventy two or decrease, you're freezing the evaporator.</p><p> it's going to be working at 32-30 degress. Water freezes at 32 and the moisture interior the air isn't something yet water. to repair this, attempt to no longer run the A/C so low.</p><p> additionally, there's a shortage of refrigerant. (that's the perfect term, 'Freon" is in user-friendly terms a form made by DuPont, you dont call each motor vehicle a Mustang do you?) in case you have a sluggish leak, it is going to must be pinpointed, repaired and the unit will must be evacuated and recharged.</p><p> this might must be accomplished by a professional. each little thing else you're able to do on your very own yet i might easily turn the mode on your t-stat to "OFF" and your fan to "ON". this might soften the ice on your coil.</p><p> After an hour the ice could be thoroughly melted and the evap could be dry. then you could do the tests</p><p>------</p><p>Are Tempstar central air units any good? My installer is recommending a R2A3 unit.</p><p></p><p>There is nothing wrong with that unit, it just an off brand of carrier. It a basic unit.
Here is the issue that the installer MAY have not told you.</p><p> Your old unit was a 10 Seer unit at best.
And the unit he is proposing is a 13seer. So you have a mismatched system.</p><p> While there is nothing wrong (im keeping it basic here people) is that you will never see the full benefit saving of the new unit. In order to take advantage of the SEER rating you have to have match coil or go larger. And the other thing is if he or someone else was out there topping off the system you have a leak.</p><p> Which means just replacing the unit, is a waste of money. You have a R-22 system, and he is proposing just changing out the outside unit. So if no one was out there toping off the old one you should be fine.</p><p> However, with a 16 coil, I would make sure the indoor coil is in good shape. Or you will have wasted your money here, only to find out say in 1yr or 2 that the coil inside has a leak. Thats worst case.</p><p> Stick with a 13 Seer if this is the case with outside only swap out.
Note: You need to ask him why the compressor failed. If he says burn out, or shorted to ground compressor, you need to have the system flushed, and as a pre-caution have him install a suction acid drier.</p><p> If he said what I mention thats not good as the system (im leaving a lot out here) will get acid in the system. So if not addressed, your new system will fail in a short amount of time from black death.</p><p>------</p><p>my fan on my <a href="">central air conditioner</a> is not turning?</p><p></p><p>If the fan interior the condenser unit isn't working, however the compressor is, then you truly had ultimate get available and close it down on the disconnect top now, lest in case you trash the compressor it is going to fee you $$$$$. If the compressor isn't working, then one has to confirm first in case you have administration voltage. on the thermostat, turn the fan on purely (interior fan).</p><p> If the fan runs, you do certainly have administration voltage. Thats reliable. ok.</p><p> Set the stat to call for cooling. flow to the condenser unit. verify out the thermostat twine for breaks from the abode to the condenser.</p><p> make helpful it has comprehensive ability from the disconnect. If the compressor is working however the fan isn't, use a stick and attempt to get the fan going. If it takes to the air, its the capacitor.</p><p> If it does not, its the fan motor. If neither are working, take the get right of entry to panel off the unit. At this factor be very very VERY careful.</p><p> in case you're no longer delicate around uncovered voltage extreme adequate to kill you, provide up. call a expert. in case you prefer to proceed, verify the contactor coil for continuity.</p><p> If its ok, verify out the ingredient that looks like a tin can. If its in any respect swollen or misshapen, its undesirable &amp; would desire to get replaced. abode Cheapo &amp; Lowes don't have them.</p><p> If the capacitor is superb seek for the midsection positioned up of the contactor. Press it in. If the fan &amp; compressor tries to start up, its the contactor factors.</p><p> replace it. in case you recognize you have comprehensive ability and each and each of something of it tests ok, call a expert to ascertain out the fan &amp; compressor. wish those concepts help.</p><br><br></div></p>

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