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Glossary of Computer Parts

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<p>List of terms I use in this series. </p><p>This is the alphabetical list of all the technical words we have used in Tech mate so far. </p><p>If you have any suggestions for words that I should add to the list, I would love to hear --</p><p>Get in touch via the 936 ABC Hobart contact page and make sure you put \"tech buddy\" in the subject so I can get it soon. AAAC -</p><p>Advanced audio encoding, compressed audio format used by many portable audio devices adsl/ADSL2-</p><p>Asymmetric digital subscriber line, a broadband form of adventure games using a common copper telephone line-</p><p>Explore video games in virtual environments-</p><p>A copy or measurement varying in the same proportion as the original. </p><p>For example, the older scale uses a dial to show the simulation of your weight, and the vinyl LP is a simulation record of the original sound. anti-virus -</p><p>Software that protects computers from virus attacks, detection, and removal of backups-</p><p>A system that creates a copy of computer information in case the computer dies. </p><p>You should do that! beta -</p><p>A beta version of a program still under development, often released to the public for free so that people can try and report any bugsblog-</p><p>Contraction of Web</p><p>Log, an Internet-based way to share regular blog writing</p><p>The total influence of everyone writing blogs-Ray -</p><p>Broadband hd dvd movie format-</p><p>Any Internet connection over 56 k dial speed-upbug -</p><p>Problems of software cloud computing</p><p>Use computers elsewhere to store data or compute compressed flash-</p><p>Memory card types used in cameras and other media devices-</p><p>Connector types used in some TV compression-</p><p>Methods to reduce file size while still maintaining sufficient information available, mainly for audio and video</p><p>The central processor, the main chip in the computer crash-</p><p>Computer problems that prevent it from working-</p><p>Technology for old tvsd data retrieval-cathode ray tube</p><p>System that strips data from a crashed, damaged, or deleted hard drive-up -</p><p>The original type of internet connection, the modem will actually call to connect to the ISP. digital -</p><p>Originally meant to be measured using different numbers instead of positions on the scale, but now refers to anything computerized or digitally fused using computer data</p><p>With the popularity of photography, the Internet and telephones in mobile phone digital TV, digital technology has gradually gathered in one device --</p><p>TV broadcast via digital signal download</p><p>Bring information from the Internet into your computer drive</p><p>Any discreet memory block available for computer drm-</p><p>Digital copyright management, copy-</p><p>Protection system for digital audio file dvi-</p><p>Digital Visual Interface for connecting standardized plugs for video display</p><p>Depending on who you ask, a digital video disc or a digital multi-function disc. </p><p>As a replacement for VHS, it is most commonly used in movies, but can also be used to store a variety of data. DVD Drive -</p><p>Computer hardware for playing and recording DVDsDVD-R -</p><p>The format in which ComputersDVD can be written to dvd-RW -format of re-</p><p>EEPG computer can be written to dvd-</p><p>Electronic program guide, List of content on TV, accessible via TV or Internet, usually used to record PVR-of your favorite program\'s external hard drive-stand-alone disc-</p><p>Data storage based device can be connected to any computer via USB or FireWire cable</p><p>Broadband internet via fiber firewall</p><p>The protection system can be a hardware or software tablet screen that prevents hackers and unauthorized software from accessing your computer</p><p>Both LCD and plasma TV screens are known as flat screens, unlike CRT screens that are usually flamed wars</p><p>Annoying argument between idiots in the comments section of the site\'s flash drive-</p><p>Computer memory chip with USB access, also known as thumb drive, USB drive or USB stickFPS-</p><p>First person lauch game, video game where players see and run around lauching enemies through the eyes of characters. Frag -</p><p>Kill people (\"I\'ll frag you! \")or die (</p><p>\"Damn it, I got blown up! \")</p><p>In a lauching game</p><p>The person who is marked as a friend on your social network page. </p><p>They have little to do with real friends. Ggig -</p><p>Prefix means billion, for example, gigabit is Billion bits. </p><p>Usually used as a contraction of the size of the computer\'s memory (</p><p>1 gb = 1,000,000,000 bytes)</p><p>Or Internet speed (</p><p>1 gigabit = 1,000,000,000 bits per second). GUI -</p><p>Graphical user interface, a system that uses graphics instead of text to interact with a computer. </p><p>The most common is the WIMP system. </p><p>Window, icon, menu, pointer. Hhacker -</p><p>People who remotely access your computer for their own purposes-</p><p>Main memory device of computer hdmi-</p><p>HD multimedia device, a plug and cable format for mobile audio and video signals. HD / hi-</p><p>HD/HD-</p><p>Any pixel in a video format that exceeds standard definition is usually 768x576 in Australia. </p><p>Full HD 1080 pixels high, 1920 pixels wide-</p><p>Places where free wifi is often available in hotels and cafes-</p><p>Portable music player made by Apple itunes-</p><p>Software installed on your computer for managing your ipod and music collection. </p><p>You can also refer to the online music store accessed through the software isp-</p><p>Internet service provider, a company that provides internet connection</p><p>The prefix represents thousands, for example, thousand bits. </p><p>Usually used as a contraction of the size of the computer\'s memory (</p><p>1 k = 1 k byte = 1,000 bytes)</p><p>Or Internet speed (</p><p>1 k = 1 kilobit = 1,000 bits per second)Llag -</p><p>As a game or online game</p><p>Cam connected via the Internet, the delay between performing the action and actually seeing the result on the screen. LCD -</p><p>LCD is a technology used in TV, computer screen, mobile phone and other fields. LED -</p><p>LEDs, a tiny circuit that works like a bulb. </p><p>It is also used to describe LCD TV sets that use led as a light source. Linux -</p><p>Open source operating systemloccats-</p><p>The humorous image of a cat, writing the title in crappy English. </p><p>No one knows why. MMac -</p><p>Macintosh computers made by Applemalware</p><p>Any malware including viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware. MMS -</p><p>Multimedia Information Service, able to send photos, audio and video from one mobile phone to another large mobile phone</p><p>The prefix means millions, for example, megabytes are millions of bits. </p><p>Usually used as a contraction of the size of the computer\'s memory (</p><p>1 MB = 1,000,000 bytes)</p><p>Or Internet speed (</p><p>1 megabyte = 1,000,000 bits per second)megapixel -</p><p>Megapixel, usually used as a measure of size in a digital photo memory card-</p><p>General term memory stick for various removable memory chips used in cameras and other multimedia devices-</p><p>The memory cards produced by Sony have various sizes and types of microblogs</p><p>A blog that only allows very small updates</p><p>A dial-up scam-</p><p>The modem was forced to hang up and reinstall</p><p>Internet access through expensive paidper-</p><p>Minute telephone line. moderator -</p><p>Check the content generated by the user on the website to make sure that they can publish. </p><p>When you add content to a restrained site, it doesn\'t show up until it\'s approved. modem -</p><p>Devices that connect a computer to an Internet motherboard-</p><p>A flat plastic board, which is the central part of the computer, connecting all the other parts together</p><p>General Standard for audio compression-MPEG Layer 3</p><p>A collection of compressed standard video and audio to invent the film engineer GroupNNigerian 419 scam --</p><p>Claiming emails from people who need your help in order to get a lot of illegal money, if they can use your bank account for this purpose, they can provide you with agency fees. Ooffsite -</p><p>In a different building than your computer. </p><p>Open source audio compression standard open source-</p><p>How to create the software, anyone can copy it and improve itOS-</p><p>Operating system, the main management software of the computer-</p><p>Phase Alternating Line, the video coding system used by Australian TV for many years, is also the name of the yellow plug used to carry the video signal (e. g. </p><p>From your VCR to your TV)PC -</p><p>Personal Computer. </p><p>Any computer has been mentioned, but now people often use it to indicate anything that is not a Mac. PCI -</p><p>Peripheral Component Interconnect, standard expansion slot for additional components on the motherboard</p><p>Card on computer plasma screen</p><p>Technology for TV and computer displays, named after the gas trapped inside the screen, which is excited about the plasma state platform game --</p><p>Computer games including lots of running and jumping power spikes/power surges-</p><p>The sudden increase in power sent to your home is usually caused by lightning or device failure, which can crash the circuit of your computer</p><p>Power unit, where the power cord enters the computer, it is a transformer that takes power from the socket and divides it into power supplies suitable for various computer components</p><p>The way to type on your phone, the phone will guess the words you are trying to type</p><p>Personal Video Recorder, a digital TV receiver with a hard drive for recording and playback of programs. RRAM -</p><p>Random access memory, short</p><p>Term storage chip in computer</p><p>Standard plug for carrying audio and video-</p><p>Red green blue, connector type for carrying video signal</p><p>Return to life in video games-</p><p>Your phone makes a noise when someone calls you, it\'s definitely anything</p><p>Take music out of a CD and store it on a hard drive, usually a compressed audio file</p><p>Read-only memory, cd and dvd that have readable information on memory, cd and dvd but cannot write new information on themRPG</p><p>Role-playing games, video game successors for Dungeons and Dragons, including adventure, exploration, battle and interaction with other characters</p><p>Broadband transmission via satellite</p><p>The standard definition refers to the type of TV signal we have been watching recently, or the security number, a memory card security software/condom-</p><p>Software designed to protect your computer from malwareset set-top box attacks-</p><p>Digital TV receiver that can insert old TV text messages-</p><p>Send sex photos via MMSSkype-</p><p>Popular VOIP software</p><p>SMS service, also known as text, the system that sends text-</p><p>Only information from one phone to anothermodern multi-</p><p>A functional mobile phone that usually has computing power, internet access, multimedia function and touch function</p><p>Social networks-</p><p>Websites designed to allow people to socialize-add-</p><p>On the PCI card that handles computer spoofing audio input and output-</p><p>Send spam with real user address and look like spam spyware-</p><p>Illegal software designed to infiltrate your computer and send your message back to the source program</p><p>Plug/cable surge protector for transmission of video signals-</p><p>Power board to prevent surge to computer surround sound-</p><p>Modern stereo, with up to 9 speakers placed around the room, gives an immersive experience while watching a movie. </p><p>Called Home movie warm-up</p><p>Internet phenomenon, many people send specific emails to each other or visit specific web pages in a very short time</p><p>Additional information encoded with a multimedia file usually gives details of the artist, album, etc. text -</p><p>See SMSthumb driver</p><p>Computer memory chips with USB access, also known as flash drives, USB drives, or USB sticktrojan-</p><p>Seems to be a malware for good software trolls-</p><p>The person who posted a deliberate provocation comment on the website-</p><p>Another name of the SMS, is the system that sends the text</p><p>Only news from one phone to another 3g</p><p>The current mobile phone network standard is fast enough to provide broadband data for computers and TV broadcasts of mobile phone v cards. add-</p><p>On the PCI card, it\'s like the set-top box of the computer, allowing you to watch and record digital TV. </p><p>The USB version is also available. tweet -</p><p>Blog sites where people regularly post short entries about their livesUUGC</p><p>User-generated content published by the public on the website. </p><p>For example, everything on youtubeupdate-</p><p>The function of new information is added to an already</p><p>Installed program upload-</p><p>Move data from your computer to webUPS-</p><p>Uninterrupted power supply, surge protector with battery, protect the computer from the surge, and allow the user to save important mater thing before the power is cut off in the event of a power outage. USB -</p><p>A universal serial bus that can be inserted into a small rectangular input/output port in a compatible device\'s computer. </p><p>It is suitable for almost all imaginable computer devices. </p><p>USB Drive/USB stick-</p><p>Computer memory chip with USB interface, also known as flash drive or thumb drive graphics card-PCI add-</p><p>On the card handling computer virus video processing and output-</p><p>Designed to access your computer and spread to annoying software on other computers. </p><p>They usually have other functions, usually wicked. VOIP -</p><p>Internet voice protocol, standard method for telephone and video calls through Internet 2. 0 -</p><p>Second-generation web design that accommodates more interactive and user-generated content webcams-</p><p>Small camera on the screen, so you can make video calls and music pantomime. wide screen -</p><p>TV screen format for a percentage of 16:9 instead of the old format for 4:3 wifi</p><p>Method of connecting a computer to a modem without wiresWindows-</p><p>A series of operating systems produced by Microsoft Media</p><p>Video and audio compression format-</p><p>Internet without wired worms</p><p>Specific types of computer viruses</p><p>Memory Digital, Memory card type-</p><p>Camera ability to make objects look more like zombie spam</p><p>When the program penetrates into your computer and then sends spam using your connection. (</p><p>Go back to the tech partner index page. )</p>

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