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No longer just for deep thought: Toilets get a high-tech makeover

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<p>Simple ceramics and arguments about whether the <a href="" target="_blank">toilet</a> seat is up or down have passed. </p><p>Toilet manufacturers are going highertech. </p><p>The latest bathroom invention was exhibited at a trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. </p><p>Nowadays, the toilet has become more like a spa experience if the manufacturer wishes. </p><p>Encourage consumers to seriously consider their personal health</p><p>When it comes to their private time in the bathroom. </p><p>Exhibit A: toilet shower. </p><p>While this may be an awkward topic for some Western readers, the reality is a mix of shower toilets, toilets and old toilets --</p><p>The traditional bidet has long been a standard in Japan. </p><p>After doing dirty behavior, consumers can wash the bottom by controlling the direction, intensity, temperature and even the type of massage of the water flow. </p><p>You can save the settings to your own user profile. </p><p>Once it\'s all done, it will even dry the bottom for you. </p><p>These innovations are being pushed slowly but surely to Europe. </p><p>Dennis Yeger, editor of the German trade magazine SBZ, said: \"The shower toilet is selling crazy . \". </p><p>It helped build Europe-stylemodels. </p><p>Toilets in Asia are often larger than in Europe. </p><p>Their technology is also more advanced, offering something that has never sold well in Europe, such as emusic and color backlight. </p><p>But European manufacturers are now experimenting with the less conspicuous shower toilet model in which the technical upgrade is hidden from the view inside the toilet. </p><p>Faucets and dryers are no longer automatic: only work when needed. </p><p>\"It\'s New. it\'s important. </p><p>\"This technology is hidden,\" said Frank Richter, chief executive of dulavit . \"</p><p>Richter believes that washing is much more hygienic than toilet paper. </p><p>He compares his hands with yours. </p><p>\"How good can you wipe your hands with paper towels? </p><p>It works better with water. </p><p>\"An obstacle for interested consumers is the shower toilet, also known as the restroom, which requires extra water, sometimes even an electrical connection to the bathroom. </p><p>In this era, of course, all these new inventions can be controlled by remote controls, even smartphones. </p><p>\"Naturally, people will ask if they really need a smartphone to go to the bathroom,\" said Duravit\'s Richter . \". </p><p>But he points out that most people go to the bathroom with their smartphones instead of newspapers anyway. </p><p>Why not? </p><p>The toilet design has also been upgraded. </p><p>Now, many toilets no longer need to press a lever or a big button, but rather flush themselves or use motion sensors like they do in a public restroom. </p><p>Nowadays, environmental protection and water saving settings are also standard configurations. </p><p>In addition, many modern toilets can suck out bad air by pressing a button and provide night lights for going to the bathroom at night, automatically turn the toilet seat on and off-ending the argument that has plagued so many couples. </p><p>But hygiene has always been the most worrying issue for many manufacturers: some toilets provide sensors to let owners know when they need to be disassembled, while others include-</p><p>Bacteria water rinse and others still use antibacterial finishing to prevent bacteria and bacteria. </p><p>Modern toilets are also cleaner, flush technology does not overspray and does not flush, bacteria and bacteria can be collected at the edge of flush (</p><p>Or do extra smoothing with the same result). </p><p>Last but not least, the toilet siphon can be widened to raise the water level and reduce stains. Other high-</p><p>Technical ideas are still in the conceptual phase: some manufacturers are working on techniques that allow toilets to complete urine analysis to warn consumers about health risks. </p><p>Finally, one idea to save the world is: Laufen has launched a toilet that can separate urine from water and reuse both. </p><p>The company said that 90% of the water can return to normal circulation, while the remaining 10% is composed of nitrogen and phosphorus, which are nutrients in urine and can provide better services. </p><p>In fact, it has been licensed for use in Switzerland.</p>

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